Packing Services Oxford

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Packing Services Oxford

Our team from MAV Removals carry extra boxes and packing materials. Our cost-effective house removal service will save you time and money. Our dedicated staff aims to make your house or office move run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For moving house, office, flat, room or single item deliveries call us now for a competitive quote.


However carefully you drive you have no control over the condition of the roads you are travelling along, and this is what makes careful packing so vital when it comes to moving valuable and precious items. Many homeowners prefer to pack their own items which is perfectly fine but many prefer not to leave it to chance and leave it to us instead. Our exemplary packing service guarantees that your items will reach your destination in the same condition as they left. A quarter of a century’s worth of experience has taught us how each individual item should be packed to ensure its safety. We are fully insured of course should something go awry but when our professionals have done your packing the chance of you having to actually claim against this are negligible at best. Contact us today about our optional packing service and find out all the details of what we offer and how we can your things from A to B packed in the best possible way.

Preparing your items for the actual move is just as important to stage (if not more so) than the relocation itself. Preparing a table or a TV to the loaded and transported and doing it right is the difference between a smooth move and broken furniture/electronics. What we offer you is a packing supply delivery service that covers all of Oxford and includes not only providing materials to prepare items for moving but also handling the packing process for you, if you wish.

As a professional moving team, we understand transporting items in Oxford is only possible if they’re packed in the best quality supplies. Thus we are ready to offer you an extensive list of packing materials, including but not limited to:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Moving Crates
  • Packing paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Foam wrap
  • Stretch wrap

Further, our team can even make a custom moving crate for more delicate or oddly shaped items, ensuring it can reach any point of Oxford with zero problems. For large objects like wardrobes or big book stands that must be disassembled during the move, we can arrange to have the separate parts packed individually.

Flexible and convenient packing solution for Oxford clients

Note the service is completely standalone and you don’t have to book a moving team to use it. Any business or private customer in Oxford needing a hand with packing furniture, office equipment, tools, electronics and electrical appliances can rely on us to lend a hand. If you’re based in Oxford and need packing supplies or professional help to have items packed – just give us a call.


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